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Welcome to DIMCO
DIMCO (Daedong Industrial Machinery Co., LTD.), one of the most reputable sources for Industrial Facilities and Services, is particularly specialized in supplying spare parts and carrying out Maintenance & Overhaul of various electricity generating facilities driven by Diesel engine, Steam turbine and Gas turbine. Further, various training courses for the electricity are prepared to transfer the most advanced skill, knowledge and experiences accumulated in Korea, which produces and operates world’s top quality electricity.

As the result of successful experiences, DIMCO have accumulated a considerable reliability and reputation throughout the customers in overseas as well as domestic market.

There are key values that guide the success of DIMCO : Reliability, Passion and Human relations.

Everyday, DIMCO honors these values and exemplify its beliefs in business.

DIMCO takes reliability very seriously. Any business conducted by DIMCO has the uncompromising priority, reliability, which is originated from placing itself in the customer’s position and viewpoint.


In every business and projects, DIMCO has successfully impressed customer and partners with its full enthusiasm and passion as the professionals.

Human relations
Once friend means friend forever. Every customer and partners of DIMCO has been cherishing humane warmness for ever as a true friend.
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