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LS INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS supplies switch gears and total solution for power plant, transmissions, distribution and power IT solutions.


KOREA PLANT SERVICE & ENGINEERING is a power plant service company providing high-quality and reliable services in a variety of power generation facilities.


KOREA ELECTRIC POWER CORPORATION (KEPCO) is the best energy group through pro-environmental management.


STX Engine has manufactured high-tech medium speed diesel engines for marine propulsion and power generation.

STX ENPACO supplies core components & materials of diesel engines, turbochargers, materials and parts for industry.
STX HEAVY INDUSTRIES manufactures medium and low speed marine propulsion and power generation.
STX INDUSTRIAL PLANT is specialized in all kind of electricity generating facilities and environmental facilities such as desulfurization and gentrification facilities. The major business areas are the power plants energized by diesel, gas turbine, solar and wind power, etc.
DAEHAN OIL PIPELINE CORPORATION (DOPCO) is engaged in domestic and overseas oil pipeline construction, operation and maintenance.
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