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DIMCO provides high standard overhaul service by refurbishing, supplying spare parts and carrying out maintenance & overhaul service for your valuable equipment with proper procurement of spare parts. Major overhaul categories are gas/steam turbine, diesel engine and generator set ranging from a basic top end work to a total rebuild. DIMCO is specialized in Cummins, Caterpillar, MAN B&W, STX, Niigata, Pielstick, Rolls Royce engines and else.
DIMCO provides fully integrated testing, engineering, project management, design, coil manufacturing, repair, restock and rewind services for all makers and models of generators and motors.
Engineering services are at your disposal to provide technical support, troubleshooting, overhaul and commissioning.
Project management keeps you up-to-date and introduces the most comprehensive communication system in the industry.
Offering comprehensive generator reliability testing programs.
Repairing generators and AC motors from all makers and sizes.
Performing stator core testing, inspection, repairs, partial and full restocks regularly.
Specializing in the rewind of stators and rotors for and electric motors.
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