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Korea is one of the world’s top countries in generation, transmission and distribution of electricity with extreme efficiency. Most of power authorities in the world desire to train their engineers to acquire those skill and knowledge in Korea. DIMCO provides various training courses in collaboration with the competent and proved training centers at KEPCO and KPS. All training courses include academic knowledge and practical experiences.
Live line maintenance
This course provides practical knowledge such as Saddles and Protectors Installation, Transformer Tap Wire Connection, Branch Line Connection and Cut out Switch Replacement.

Distribution engineering
This course enables participants to understand basic theory of planning and design of electrical distribution systems and update their knowledge of electrical distribution systems such as Distribution Operation & Maintenance, Distribution Automation System (DAS) and New Distribution Information System (NDIS).
Turbine engineering
This course is to acquire the sufficient mechanical and electrical knowledge of steam/gas turbine, its control system and how to maintain major and substituent components of turbines.

Alignment & Vibration
This course is for the engineers and technicians who desire to acquire the knowledge and skills about Alignment and Vibration. This course mainly includes method of single/multi shaft alignment, alignment technique and tools, items of pre-alignment inspection, configuration of vibration, weight balancing practice and case study by using advanced special techniques and tools.
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